Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beach Pizza, No I Will Just Have The Salad

Friday was Beach Pizza in Manhattan Beach. I drove past this joint a week earlier on the weekend while at the beach. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a slice by the looks of the people on the sidewalk I thought this is gonna be good.

What I didn't like. I am not sure how to list the issues I had with this place so I will go in order. (A) Parking sucks. (B) I sat down and waited 10 minutes before I realized that no one was going to take my order unless I went to the counter. (C) A little less attitude little lady behind the counter. (D) Why am I paying now. What if I want another beer do I need to get up and walk up to the counter to order.  (E) THE PIZZA.

What I did like. (A) The Chopped Salad is so chopped you need a spoon to eat it and it is slammin. Well that's it for what I like other then they have beer.

The Chopped Salad pictured above is soooo good. 
Taste: The Pizza, were to start. The sausage was that small crumbled kind you find on frozen pizza's that looks like dog food. It was greasy and I was suprised with my IBS and the walk to my car which was parked 1 mile away I didn't soil myself.

The Deal: Beach Pizza is OK if your in the area but don't hold your breath for service. Cash,Credit Card, ATM.

Beach Pizza
3301 Highland Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
T: 310.546.5401
I cant rember cause I wanted to get out of there. but it felt like an hour to get to my car.

Slice Scale: 1 and half out of 5

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